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I always use to see other people’s meal prep posts on instagram and would think, wow, that is impressive. Although, it looks like SUCH a tedious weekly task. I thought that adding meal prep to my Sunday or Monday would either take away the rest from my chill reboot Sunday, or make Monday even more exhausting than it already is. I realized though, that I struggled with portion control and that when I do not have time, or I don’t feel like cooking through the week, I resort to quick or bought meals. Which then, takes me steps back in my fitness goals and is bad for my health. Even restaurant “healthy” options have unknown/unlimited salt, sugar and oil. Is it really worth it? Besides, I love cooking, so what was stopping me from meal prep? Therefore, I decided to take the plunge and try it for a week. The first meal prep I did took only an hour, tasted delicious, and was the most satisfying cooking accomplishment I had experienced in a while. I can’t even explain the high you get from doing only an hour of cooking that produces a weeks worth of balanced meals in your fridge ready to go. You’ll have to try it for yourself. Trust me!


The first step is to lay out all the containers. Meal prep hack #1: Save up your Thai takeout containers! That’s what these are here. They are microwave safe, stackable, and you’re saving the environment by reusing them.

I make meal prep really easy by using the vegetables that I already have in the fridge and using that to inspire the meal. Once the meal is planned out, the best way to be efficient when cooking is to put everything on the counter that you plan on using. Hack #2: This is actually the best way to cook or bake in general. It ensures that you do not miss any ingredient and allows you to cook and prep the ingredients at the same time.

Hack #3: To continue on this efficient track, have a look at the food you have laid out. Now prep/ cook the ingredients that are the the fastest to prepare first. Then, work your way to the more complex aspects of the meal. This usually means preparing the greens.

Hack #4: Cook anything together that you can, to save time.

The meal prep needs be delicious, filling, have protein, greens, healthy fats and healthy carbs or it will leave you craving more food. Plus, you won’t feel satisfied or excited to eat them. I usually choose an inspiration like Italian, Mexican, Thai etc.

This is a picture of my Italian inspired meal prep. I cooked pasta sauce with lentils on spiralized zucchini, with a side of broccoli, squash and spinach. It was delicious and totally met the mark. I chose to make this dish because I wanted to make something with loads of iron! Hack #5: The spinach and squash were chosen because it was very affordable. I used both frozen vegetables for those. They come in square packs for 2.99 at the grocery store. Plus they tasted delicious once I added some seasoning.

This meal prep, I was craving pasta salad. Plus, I already had the chickpea pasta in my cupboard. So I made a veggie dense pasta salad, on top of lettuce (which I already had in the fridge as well). With a side of broccoli, avocado and baked tofu.

I hope these tips help, and inspire you to try meal prepping. I promise you, you’ll love it. Plus it makes eating healthy so much easier! Love yourself! Please comment or message me if you have any more questions.


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